Describia – Share your Thoughts on any Topic

When you search for your topic of interest online, in most cases you find it in Wikipedia. If you want to record your thoughts on that particular topic and want other people to see it, where do you go? Describia gives room for that where you can scribe on anything and everything. Read more to know what it is and how it works and how it is different from Facebook, Twitter and forums.

Topic Based Social Media

Describia is a very simple and user-friendly approach to millions of topics in all niches starting from sports, television to electronics and consumer durables and many more. You can write on any given topic or create your own topics. Sky is the limit for them.

You are free to present your views to the public on any topic and see what others have to say on that. If you are looking for a right place to write about your favorite politician or sportsman or events or products or scribe about places or people or businesses, then your search should end in Describia. Get great experience with this all new topic based social media.

How Describia Works?

Describia is all about writing short descriptions of any topic of your interest. You can also share links related to that particular topic. All you need to do is to sign up through Facebook, Twitter or email and start scribing.

You can follow topics and people and others could also follow you. In this way you will be notified what others scribe and who else follows the topic you follow. This is the perfect place to know what other people think about a product or a service. You are free to ask relevant questions and get suitable answers. You may also comment below the scribes and discuss a particular matter. Still it is different from other social media in many ways. How?

Why Not Facebook, Twitter and Forums?

In Facebook or Twitter only your followers could see what you write. But in Describia the whole world could see your thoughts. Facebook and Twitter are individual-specific which focuses on the thoughts and ideas of a particular individual. Describia is topic-specific which focuses on the thoughts and ideas of any individual on that particular topic.

Forum is indeed a great way of expressing your thoughts on any matter. But the sad truth is, they lie buried inside and may not be visible after a particular time period. In Describia, it works in a different way. Anyone can easily see what has been scribed even after a long time as they are organized based on topics in unique way. 

If you have any questions please contact us at admin [at] describia dot com.